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Acts 9:11 New Living Translation (NLT)

11 The Lord said, “Go over to Straight Street, to the house of Judas. When you get there, ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul. He is praying to me right now.

My first call to minister to a Latino came over 20 years before I sold my place in Alabama to their church. His name was Emmanuel, a name that means,”God with us” and He was. Let me explain. It was summer time several years ago and I was power washing a couple of houses on this day. I have mentioned before my career in the Fire Service and that I also operated a small power washing business part-time. I was headed to wash my second house when the Holy Spirit clearly spoke, “go home and pray right now.” My response went something like, “Lord, may I go get this job out of the way first?” He said the same words, but with a little more sternness..So, I went home and got on my knees beside my daughter’s bed. I liked praying there. I waited before the Lord, just asking Him what he wanted me to come home and pray about. Nothing…making me feel a little silly for a minute but I knew His voice and knew He had called me to this spot. So, I waited a little longer and then had a vision of the word “burrito”. I saw the word clearly and asked the Lord for understanding. Nothing…I knew from experience I would understand when it was time to. I prayed a little longer in case He had more to say but He didn’t. Just that one word, “burrito”. You laughing yet?

I left my place of prayer and headed back out to work after getting that word. I stopped by a service station called “The Right Stuff” to get some fuel for my power washer. “The Right Stuff” is one of my all time favorite movies and, looking back, I can see God even speaking through the name of that place; but that’s another story for another time. As I was at the counter paying a Latino gentleman walked up in line behind me. He put a 12 pack of Budweiser beer on the counter beside me and, on top of his 12 pack?…a generic “burrito”. There was the word I just SAW in the vision. Not knowing what to do I silently asked the Lord to have him speak to me if this was what the word was about. As I walked back out toward my truck he called out to me as he quickly came out from paying for his things. In a thick Spanish accent He called out to me, “sir, SIR!” As I turned to look at him he said further,”will you give me a ride back to my motel. I’m just tired of walking.” My response was so religious I almost rolled my eyes at myself, “maybe you need to let the Lord Jesus pick you up and carry you” but it somehow worked. He kind of freaked out on me saying, “where did you come from man?! I have been crying out to Jesus all day long and He has not answered me!” I calmly said, “He has now. Come on and I will give you a ride.” I have to tell you that as I said this an anointing I was not familiar with settled on me. I will not try to describe it here but will say it kind of frightened me a bit. You will find the Holy Spirit may touch you with “goose bumps” but He can touch you with much more if He chooses to and this was not goose bumps. Looking back, I know it was stronger because this is the people group I was called to. As we drove toward his motel we introduced ourselves. His name was Emmanuel and he was from Mexico. He explained how he had lost his family there and was not even allowed to see his children for reasons stemming from his alcoholism. He had been praying most of the day that he would not go buy beer and get drunk etc..He had obviously given up on that to this point.
When we got to his place at room 101 of his motel I came in with my bible to pray for him. You may ask why I mentioned the room number. Have you ever taken a course with that number? It’s an introduction to a subject you may one day take level 400 courses in, or even graduate level courses? 101 is goose bumps…Anyway, the anointing had increased as we came in so I asked if I could pray for him before I left. He agreed so I touched Emmanuel on his shoulder and began to pray softly for him, eventually asking God for his deliverance from alcoholism. If God can speak in a still small voice and be powerful then we don’t need to scream. That’s ridiculous…you can be naturally super-natural…just like Jesus. Okay, you really had to be there but the Holy Spirit hit Emmanuel with more than goose bumps. He was shaken by the experience he was obviously unfamiliar with and was no longer comfortable at. I have to admit I was a bit startled myself but I believe God powerfully delivered Emmanuel. He was shaken and I was shaken and maybe the motel was shaken. I can’t be sure…but I left him standing there pretty freaked out at what had just happened. As I was driving away to do my last job I noticed I had forgotten my bible in Emmanuel’s room. I had left it beside his 12 pack of beer. I started to go back to get it but felt the Lord wanted me to leave it for Emmanuel so I did. I felt sure God would provoke him to read it. That was the last I ever saw of Emmanuel but I believe God answered Emmanuel’s cry that day. And my 101 class was over. 
I believe Emmanuel chose the bible over that 12 pack. Yes, I left it right there. God left the tree of the knowledge of good and evil right there in the same garden as the tree of life. We all need to choose wisely. My prayer is that Emmanuel did and I really sense that is the case. You may ask what happened to the burrito? Well, I suppose he ate it!

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