Genesis 9:13-15 New Living Translation (NLT)

13 I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth. 14 When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds, 15 and I will remember my covenant with you and with all living creatures.


I have a story to tell but I want to give a little back drop first. Years ago I was unfamiliar with what is called open vision. In hindsight I realized it was in the bible but I guess I thought is was reserved for the old testament prophets and Jesus Himself. About the time I started getting familar with it during the renewal period of the mid-90’s in the vineyard churches Larry Randolf walked by me one night at Atlanta Vineyard and the Holy Spirit turned me in to a bowl of jello…I slumped in my chair and was drunk in the Spirit for the rest of the night. Scripture says as Elijah walked by Elisha and cast his mantle on him. I mention that verse because Larry walked in open vision and the following morning I saw my first open vision. As I woke up I saw a Bible come through my ceiling and open up in front of my face. When it opened I noticed the whole Bible was in red letter. I asked the Lord why it was all in red letter, knowing red letter was reserved for the things Jesus said. He said to me, “I said it all.” So not only were visions suddenly opened up to me in a new way the Bible was also opened to me in a new and powerful way.

So here I am excited to be seeing open visions wondering what new ventures the Holy Spirit may have for me. I have mentioned before my adventures at my side business of power washing. On the residential end I washed literally thousands of houses in the Metro-Atlanta area. One day while washing a house I sensed the Holy Spirit wanted me to start praying over these homes along the lines of John the Baptist baptizing with water. I would pray for the families that lived in the house, ever did live in the house and ever would live in the house. I prayed the Lord of Glory would come to every family and wash their spiritual houses. I declared one was coming after me who bapized in the Holy Spirit and fire.

I washed a house one day where the parents were seperated. Their kids went to the same school as my son. I would see them picking their kids up from after school sometimes at the same time I picked up my Benjamin Lee. So I prayed, as I was commanded, for the family and the marriage. I especially prayed for the father who was no longer living there. One day while getting out of my truck to go in and pick up my son I saw the father walking out of the school. As he caught my eye I suddenly saw an open vision. I saw a huge rainbow come down out of the heavens and envelop this man I prayed for. My thoughts? WOW!!! What do you do with that???

That was on a Friday so I prayed up over the weekend. On Monday I saw him in the parking lot again and was ready to deliver the mail, so to speak. I went to him and explained what had happened the previous Friday as best I could without being too strange, hopefully. Under the circumstance that was pretty difficult but I was confident from previous experince God would cover me.  I mentioned I had prayed for him and his family as I qwashed his house recently. I told him God gave me this open vision after I had prayed for him and that I knew it meant God was making covenant with him. I talked about Noah and the ark and how God put the the rainbow in the sky as a sign of his covenant. I explained covenant to him using some scripture verses I found over the weekend and mentioned there was a rainbow around God’s throne.

After listening intently and humbly, he explained how he had begun going to church recently. He explained how he had been praying, “God, why can’t I love you the way Billy Graham loves you?” We talked about the unlimited intimacy we could have with God through Jesus. We talked about Jesus saying,”the hairs of our heads are numbered” and exactly what that means in terms of intimacy with Him. We talked about how the Father ran to the prodigal son and embraced him and kissed him when He saw him headed home. I ended the conversation by telling him that God evidently wanted it for him MORE than he wanted it himself since He sent me to share His offer to make covenant with him. My son went to a new school soon afterwards and I honestly never saw this man again, which was becoming quite common when it came to my devine appointments. I trust God fulfilled His promise to the man who was wanting to love God like Billy Graham.


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